Apple Snail

Apple Snail

I have a rather large collection of sea shells that I use to paint from. This apple snail is a land shell found out in Harnes Marsh in Southwest Florida. I haven't done much shelling there because I was too busy painting the beautiful expansive landscape.

Harnes Marsh is an oasis in the middle of the city of Fort Myers, Florida. Honestly I could paint the landscape there over and over. The landscape is so big and open. The bird sounds are more than captivating.

The snail you see painted here is an apple snail. Evidently there are tons of them there in the marsh.

Ocean Abstract

Ocean Abstract

I have been squeezing some ocean abstract seascapes in between my seashell paintings. I love the color palette of the ocean and used some artistic license to interpret in my own way. It's a fun way to loosen up and have some fun. The little acrylic painting sketch to the left was created on watercolor paper and painted in a loose style.

After moving to California I was very inspired by the sea. Upon arriving I made some small paintings of what I saw. There are plenty of surfers and plenty of waves to get photos of for inspiration!

Oil Painting Time Lapse of a Seashell

My Canon EOS 60D came in handy for a time lapse

For the Camera

I used my Canon EOS 60D camera and placed it on a tripod because I don't have a tripod for my iphone. Ironic because I use my iphone for a lot of photos. I turned image stabilizer off on the camera and didn't fuss over the settings on the camera too much, but did manually focus the camera.

For the Time Lapse

I used an intervalometer which I purchased on Amazon. I set it to every thirty seconds and let it do it's thing.  There are a ton of videos on YouTube on how to do this. As I said before I would have used my iphone because has its own time lapse built into the later iphones and I recommend that if you don't have a DSLR camera.

The Finished Oil Painting

I am wondering if being under the watchful eye of the camera helped the painting to turn out well. Honestly the clicking of the camera's shutter set the pace for my painting speed! Maybe I need to do some more time lapse videos to assure my paintings come out the first time around. Thank you for visiting and enjoy watching the video. If you have any questions about my art please email me through my contact page.

Painting Seashells

Oil Paints

It's been a month since my husband and I relocated from Florida to California. Moving to a bigger city from a smaller city has been quite a transition. There are many beautiful areas here in San Diego for painting on location I hope to get out and explore.

Soon after we found a place to live I began painting to restock the gallery I belong to, Sanibel Art and Frame in Florida. The gallery is selling my seashell paintings more frequently, so of course I am going to keep my wall up to date with new work as much as I can. I notice my choice of palette colors is a bit more intense here. The light outside is definitely warmer and seems to be creeping into my art. I'm not complaining because I'm happy with the results!


Palette of Colors

  • cobalt blue
  • indian yellow
  • quinacridone red
  • titanium white


I sold my very large easel back in Florida and I find the small Coulter Easel works just fine.

Block in


For the block in on the sea urchin I put down darker colors first then built the lights on top of that.

Mangrove Mother for 2nd Annual Chair-A-Tea

Oil Painting

Mangrove Mother for 2nd Annual Chair-A-Tea

I decided to donate this little painting for a local fundraiser. Our Mother's home is a local organization educating and supporting teen mothers needing assistance by helping them stay with their children through education and housing. A friend who is on the board of directors asked for the donation. I'm honored to do this for such a great organization that is helping young women, some who have been victims of human trafficking and abuse.

Last year I was able to paint outdoors quite a bit and completed a series of plein air paintings done in my surrounding area. I am donating one of the paintings for the 2nd Annual Chair-A-Tea Party for Our Mother's Home. I like it most of all the outdoor paintings I did last year. The bright colors represent the bright colors of our surrounding waters. I did the painting while standing in a boat, anchored off a small island in the Goodland area of Southwest Florida. I had to work fast as I wasn't sure how long my balance would hold out the rocking boat. That's the thing with plein air painting there's never a dull moment.

I decided to give the painting the title "Mangrove Mother" because a mangrove is remarkably strong and resilient.

Our Mother’s Home’s 2nd Annual Chair-A-Tea Party


Painting and Boating Near Cape Romano

Periwinkel cottage

Last spring we were in the mood for a little boating adventure. So my husband and I decided to visit the dome houses of Cape Romano just south of Goodland Florida, which is situated in the Ten Thousand Island area of south Florida. After renting a boat we set out for the domes which stand to be washed out to the sea in time. There's even a facebook page designated to the Cape Romano Houses.

We spent the day tooling around the area by boat. I'd have to say it's one of the more scenic areas in Southwest Florida.  It was the perfect day for weather and scenery. Dave tried his hand at fishing only to land a small catfish. I made a small plein air study and took lots of photos. As the day was winding down we stumbled upon a cottage along the waterway. All I could think about was making a painting of it. It seemed to be the perfect color of blue in contrast to the aqua water. The obvious name for the old concrete block house: Periwinkle Cottage!

Goodland Florida
Cape Romano

Ready to Go Watercolor Paints

watercolor paints

Last month we decided to picnic on the Sanibel Island Causeway. At the last minute I packed my watercolor paints, which I had done earlier in the month for a last minute paint out like this. I was so glad I did because the little painting turned out fun and spontaneous.

After Dave set up the tent I plopped myself down and got to work. At first I looked to the Gulf side of the causeway to paint but changed my mind and turned to the bayside and some cool looking palm trees. I wish I had a close-up of my pencil sketch because it was pretty rough without much detail. After a few guidelines I went to town with the watercolor paint.

The title of this post says much about plein air painting. If you're ready to go with an already packed paint set you might even get a good painting. This doesn't always happen but I am pleasantly surprised when it does!

Beach tent
Plien air
Sanibel Island

Plein Air Painting

Plein Air

The Positives of Plein Air Painting

This winter I decided to start the practice of plein air painting during our cooler Florida weather. Painting outside has been an eye opener for me and opened up a new world of color. As a bonus, painting outside speeds up brush work and makes for more spontaneous art. With the sunlight moving overhead so quickly I would look up and suddenly realize the scene's shadows had lengthened or shortened drastically from the start of the painting. The rush to complete the painting is an added bonus.

Despite the bugs, early mornings and lugging heavy gear, I would have to say painting plein air is a new toy I hope to play with in the future. The positives of seeing more beautiful colors and being able to finish a painting, definitely outweigh the negatives. I plan to do more of this over the summer, as long as I can stand under a tree out of the Florida heat!